Great Day of Service Joplin

The Great Day of Service is the single largest service event to hit the city of Joplin! It started in 2003 and has grown to over 2500 volunteers! We believe every year we do this event that HIStory is in the making! You see, God loves this city, and we are able to demonstrate that love on a massive scale when we come together and let Him use our hands, hearts, and lives to love people in practical ways. Our goal is that in some way every home, business, street, family, and person we come in contact with on that day is blessed and touched by the love of God! We can do so much more when we do it together with the blessing of Christ!

At noon the party begins at Landreth Park with hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, dessert, drinks, and games. Lots of fun for kids and for all as we celebrate the love of God together!

Come join the fun of serving Jesus on the Great Day of Service, September 24, 2017!!!